small Town near Rome

Genazzano, medieval town

Rome’s countryside is where you can find everything you need for a great vacation, whether you want to relax or discover the area: ancient towns perched upon hilltops which surround the capital of Rome, traditions, friendly people, wooded areas, fields of organic cultivations, green pastures where cows and sheep eat as the bells on their collars jingle. Rome’s countryside is just that, simplicity, relaxation, genuinely good food, incredible human experiences.

roman-countryside wine

Ospitality in our countryside


We aim to represent this area and help interested tourists get to know this part of Latium. We want to reach those tourists who love a good meal with a good glass or two of wine or craft beer, those who are still moved by the birth of a lamb, for those who delight in gathering eggs from the chicken coop. We also wish to reach those tourists who never tire discovering new places, new cultures, those who enjoy the friendly hug of the townspeople during local food festivals and folkloristic events.


Grape Harvests

Would you like come here to grapes harvest?

Here visitors can tour internationally important archeological sites, partake in home-made meals with traditional recipes made with excellent local products. They can participate in the grape and olive harvests, and watch the process of wine production and organic olive oil production at our local mills. Visitors can learn to cook our traditional recipes and learn how to wisely dose ingredients just as our grandmothers do in the kitchen.

Bring comfortable clothes, because you could arrive when it’s the time of year when everyone makes tomato sauce, or you might want to walk through the vineyards and vegetable gardens, learn how to make honey, or feed the animals on our farms.

Farm and Child

1000 adventures to entertain your children

And we suggest that visitors participate in, and not just watch, the folkloristic events and festivals. You might be lucky enough to participate in making the world’s largest floral tapestry in Genazzano or making the giglietti cookies (Slow Food’s Arc of Taste) in Palestrina for their annual food festival.
There is something for everyone! Visitors can learn to embroider using the famous “Palestrina” stitch, or help our cheese producers make their delicious cheeses. Of course there is also wine tasting, and the tasting of all the other wonderful products of our wine cellars and farms.

And if you’re still curious and want to discover our enchanting ancient towns, historical seminaries, national museums and other places of interest, our English, French and Italian-speaking guides will be happy to show you the way.

What we are not proposing a typical vacation. We are not proposing high prices, tourist traps or a myriad of souvenir shops.

We are proposing that you experience a different kind of vacation where you are the main character.

Prepare your suitcases and don’t forget your camera…we are certain that you’ll bring your unforgettable experiences back home.